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The Best Free Audio Production Software - Software Studio:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS):

daw sequencer lmms

Cross-platform DAW / Sequencer

LMMS is a free cross-platform DAW / sequencer allowing you to produce music with your computer. Basically LMMS is a free FL Studio clone. It features: a song-editor for composing songs, a beat and bassline-editor for creating beats and basslines, a piano-Roll for editing patterns and melodies, an FX mixer with 64 FX channels, automation, SoundFont2, VST(i) host, and MIDI support. LMMS ships with many instrument and effect-plugins out of the box, and it imports MIDI and FLP (FL Studio/ Fruityloops Project) files. The LMMS software studio doesn't support ASIO, but with latencies going down to 1.5ms (64 samples) there really isn't any need for ASIO. LMMS is a very active project under SourceForge, and is arguably the best free software studio currently available!


daw sequencer buzz

Modular Software Studio

Buzz is a free modular software studio (DAW) by Jeskola. It's build over a sequencer, a tracker style pattern editor, and a mixer. It supports VST, ASIO, MIDI, SF2, and loads 16 and 24-bit WAV-files. The Buzz software studio operates with 32-bit internal processing, and can record songs or individual tracks to WAV (16,24,32-bit) for external mastering. Buzz has a very large developer scene constantly making add-ons to the software studio and currently Buzz ships with more than 600 native Buzz instruments and effects!
There are two versions of Buzz: The old and tested Buzz Classic and a modern rebuild of Buzz -still a work in progress. We recommend that you get the modern rebuild version, as this is the version for the future. But if you find that it's not stable on your system, there is always the good old classic version.

Before installing Buzz Classic, however, read this

Madtracker 2:

software studio madtracker-2

User friendly software studio

Madtracker 2 by Yannick Delwiche is a tracker software studio for Windows that offers VST, ASIO and Rewire 2 support. The Madtracker 2 tracker features 64 tracks with 4 polyphony channels per track, it loads 16-bit wav, aiff, and iff-files, supports Cubase VST preset-banks, and runs several other tracker project formats like .xm, .it, .s3m, and .mod. Madtracker2 offers 32-bit internal mixing with a very intuitive interface and a very easy setup. The only downside to this software studio is, that the free version does not support rendering / exporting your songs to a wave-file for mixing or for demos. Madtracker 2 is arguably one of the best free tracker based audio sequencers around. Not because it has more features or a larger following than it's competitors (it doesn't) but because it is very stable and dead easy to install and operate. Within literately 5 minutes of downloading the program, we guarantee that you will be making your own music with this software studio!
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