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The Best Free VST Effects - Audio Analyzer:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


audio spectrum analyzer manalyzer

VST Audio Analysis Plugin:

The MeldaProduction Analyzer is the best free VST Audio Spectrum Analyzer there is! It has a nice big and adjustable display with a clear graphical representation of the sound. You can enlarge sections for a better view and copy/ paste the image to a clipboard and compare the results in a different analyzer window. The MAnalyzer spectral VST effect allows Real Time, Average and Peak mode, a 0-6dB slope, and a FFT block size ranging from 1.024 to 16.384.


spectral analyser for music span

FFT Spectrum Analyzer:

The free Span VST plug-in from Voxengo is a realtime FFT spectrum analyzer VST effect well suited for mixing and mastering your music. The VST spectrum analyser plug-in allows Real Time, Average and Peak mode, and a FFT block size ranging from 1.024 to 16.384. The display is easy to read with a 0-7dB slope, adjustable speed, and a useful peak hold function. Left and right audio channel can be analyzed independently giving your music the perfect stereo balance.

RMS Buddy:

vst audio peak rms-buddy

RMS Audio Peak Meter

RMS Buddy by Destroy FX is very handy VST plugin for tracking the average RMS and peak volume information of the sound. The VST effect provides a cumulative, running average RMS of the audio signal, momentary RMS values, and it keeps track of the peak volume levels. Nothing fancy but perfect for mixing and mastering your music!


VST Tuner Plugin C-Tuner.

Advanced Stero Analysis:

C-Tuner by C-Plugs is a free vst guitar tuner. You can of course use it with any instrument you like It works up to 96KHz and it's dead easy to use.
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