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The Best Free VST Effects - Audio Analyzer:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


audio stereo analyzer gonio3

Advanced Stero Analysis:

The Gonio3 VST plugin by uk-music is an Audio Vector Oscilloscope (Goniometer), presenting a detailed picture of the stereo output of your audio signal. An Audio Vector Oscilloscope lets you check the mono compatibility of a recording by displaying how much of the audio signal that passes through the left and right channel, and how much is present in the mid and the side signal respectively. The Gonio3 VST effect also features a phase meter to test for phase differences between the two stereo channels of the audio signal.


audio oscilloscope vst plugin smexoscope

Time Domain Audio Analysis:

S(M)exoscope by Bram de Jong from Smartelectronix is a VST oscilloscope plugin effect. An oscilloscope can monitor and display audio waveforms visually over time (in the time domain). The S(M)exoscope plugin features a Time dial that controls the number of pixels per sample (how much the waveform is stretched out), an Amp dial that controls the amplitude of the waveform in the display (how big the waveform appears). The S(M)exoscope plugin also offers different retrigger modes to determine how often a waveform should be redrawn, and a freeze option to make it easier to analyse a particular audio sample.

PSP VintageMeter:

measuring vst plugin psp-vintagemeter

VU Meter and Peak Meter

The PSP VintageMeter by PSP-Audioware is a VST measurement plug-in, that provides professional VU (Volume Units) metering and PPM (Pseudo Peak Metering) metering with accurate overload indicators for mono and stereo tracks. The PSP VintageMeter VST plug-in is designed to work similar to real analog-style VU meters and digital Peak meters, and it offers several possibilities to adjust the behaviour of the meter according to need.
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