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The Best Free VST Effects - Autotune:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


vocal harmonizer autotune vst effect gsnap

Amazing autotune VST plugin

GSnap, by Graham Yeadon, is arguably the best free autotune / vocal harmonizer vst effect there is! It can be used subtly to correct the pitch of a vocal or instrument, or, with more extreme settings, it can be used to create the famous robot-voice effect. The Gsnap auto-tune plugin can switch between automatic mode and manual treatment to correct individual notes that need a bit more work. GSnap requires a monophonic input signal to operate, so remember to add stereo effects after the Gsnap plugin.
This free auto-tune vst plugin is simply amazing. If you only want one autotune / pitch correcting vst effect, this is the one you want!

KeroVee Autotune:

freeware autotune vst plugin kerovee

Classic autotune / pitch correction plugin

KeroVee is a free autotune / pitch correction plugin by g200kg. It can provide simple pitch correction to the audio signal as well as the T-Pain / Cher autotune effect if the Tuning Speed is set to Max. The KeroVee autotune VST plugin can mix two independent transposed outputs of pitch-corrector and bypassed output.


free autotune plugin harmonizer autotalent

Vocal harmonizer and autotune plugin

Autotalent by Oli Larkin is a great real-time pitch correction auto-tune VST plug-in. The Autotalent plugin ensures that only the specified notes are hit. Use this auto-tune VST plugin to make Cher-like vocal effects, or use it as a simple pitch shifting / pitch correction audio effect.
You might have to disable multiprocessor support in your vst host for it to work.

Son of a Pitch:

free pich correction vst plugin

LFO-controlled pich correction plugin

Son of a pitch by Saltline is an audio pitch correction VST plugin. The pitch of the incoming signal can be controlled by the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO. The pitch knob ranges from +3 octaves to -3 octaves of the original pitch. The voice correction effect also features an LFO controlled filter section. There are 3 filters to choose from, 2 SV filters and a butterworth filter. The filter section can be bypassed sending the dry signal straight to the pitch bender.

4 Band Shifter:

4 band shifter vst plugin

4-band pich correction plugin

4 Band Shifter by Bitterspring is a free VST Plugin that is able to independently shift the pitch of 4 adjacent, user-definable frequency bands. The Pitch correction range goes from -12 semitones to +12 semitones).
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