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The Best Free VST Effects - Bitcrusher:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


free vst effect timemachine

Vintage Sampler Emulation

TimeMachine by Jeroen Breebaart is a VST plugin that provides an accurate reproduction of the characteristic sound of vintage samplers from the 1980's such as the Commodore 64 or the older Akai samplers. TimeMachine offers bitreduction, sample rate reduction, and aliasing distortion for both AD and DA conversion.

Multiband Bitcrusher:

free vst plugin multiband-bitcrusher

Multiband Bitcrusher / Downsampler

The Multiband Bitcrusher effect by Hilofi is a 4-band bit reduction / downsampler vst plugin. The 4 frequency bands can be operated independently and processed through the bitcrusher and the downsampler. The Multiband Bitcrusher VST plugin even lets you add additional grind to each band to squash the audio signal even more!


audio vst plugin tal-bitcrusher

Standard Bitcrusher With A Noise Cross Modulator

The free TAL-Bitcrusher VST effect by Togu Audio Line features a bit reduction (0-32 bit) and a sample rate reduction unit. To further sculpture the sound TAL-Bitcrusher also offers a 24 dB low- and highshelf filter and a noise cross modulator (applying modulated noise to the signal). The TAL-Bitcrusher VST plugin is mainly useful on drums -especially hihats, and it comes with 10 presets for bass, leads and drums.
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