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The Best Free VST Effects - De-Esser:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

Tonmann De-Esser:

de-esser vst effect tonmann

Free de-esser plugin with look ahead

The Tonmann DeEsser VST plugin is designed to get rid of "stinging" sibilants that may occur on vocals after compression or adding a high boost. It has been carefully designed to suppress any artificial or alienated sounds. The free Tonmann DeEsser plugin features: Wideband and lowpass reduction modes, adjustable detection threshold to retain the crisp sound character of a vocal and a look ahead feature for sibilants with short and sharp attacks.

Spitfish De-Esser:

free de-esser plugin spitfish

De-esser plugin for vocals

The free Spitfish de-esser VST plugin by Digital Fish Phones is an easy to use de-esser effect, aimed mainly at vocal tracks (mono or stereo). Just like the classic analog hardware de-essers, the Spitfish de-esser dynamically filters out harsh, annoying s-like sounds that would otherwise 'spit' in your face.

Modern De-Esser:

modern de-esser vst plugin

Basic VST de-esser plugin

Modern De-Esser is a freeware de-esser VST plugin by Antress. It features frequency control in the 3000 to 9999 Hz range and output level control (-15 to +15 dB) The gain reduction can be adjusted with threshold, ratio, width, and release controls. The Modern De-Esser VST is part of the free Antress Modern Plugins package.
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