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The Best Free VST Effects - Delay:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


plugin effect tal dub delay

Vintage dub delay:

This is the dub delay daddy!!! Togu Audio Line's free dub delay plugin is an emulation of vintage oldskool hardware units. The TAL-Dub VST plugin features separate control of left and right channel, a low cut filter and damping effect to control the delay-line, and a filter feedback for each channel that blends the wet signal with the dry, making it easy to create a resonating never ending delay in no time.


vst plugin effect deelay_sm.

Freeware Delay Effect:

Klanglab's Deelay_sm VST plug-in has 6 delay lines with individual filter and panning controls. The delay times of the individual lines can be either synced or manually set. A limiter on every line secures that the distorted feedback from the wet signals never starts resonating out of of control. The Deelay_sm VST plug-in has a great sound and comes with 33 presets. Highly recommended!

Retro Delay:

vst fx plugin retro delay

Fx Delay

E-phonic's Retro Delay VST plug-in has the character and sound of a vintage delay unit, but offers all the possibilities of a modern software solution: Tempo synced LFO's, feedback, backwards delay, integrated automatic limiter, pitchbend wheel, reverb, and very short delay times for phaser/flanger effects. Retro Delay is a very versatile delay plug-in, perfect for mashing up drums or making fx noises.

AfterShock Digital Delay:

vst plugin aftershock digital delay

3 independent delay units in one delay

The free AfterShock Digital Delay by AcmeBarGig is a VST delay effect featuring 3 independent delay units. The delay units have a separate Feedback level, volume level and selectable delay type. You can select from a standard delay, a Tempo Delay, or a Tap Delay. The Standard delay lets you set the time of the delay up to 6 seconds, the tempo delay clocks to the host BMP, and with the tap delay you can tap the speed of the delay with your mouse. The AfterShock Digital Delay is extremely versatile. This VST delay can practically make any delay line you want!
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