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The Best Free VST Effects - Delay:

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free vst plug-in mgtempo delay

Delay with a clean sound

mg Audio's Tempodelay is a great sounding delay effect. It features both tempo synced stereo delay lines and manual control with delay times ranging from 0-1714 ms. Left- and right channel of the Tempodelay VST plugin can be operated independently of each other. The feedback has a resonant filter and saturation control, and the delay lines can be offset to create a stereo ping-pong effect.

Bionic Delay:

vst plugin effect bionic delay

Stereo Tape Delay

The Bionic delay plugin from Interruptor and Echochamber is a tape delay effect including saturation, wow, flutter, and filtering. Bionic Delay offers separate control of the delay time for left and right channel, with the time entered as a note length in relation to the song tempo in the VST host. The Bionic delay VST plugin is especially good at creating ping-pong style delays wandering in the stereo field.

Cat Delay:

vst plugin effect cat delay

Intuitive stereo delay

Cat Delay is a stereo delay plugin from Slim Slow Slider. The Cat Delay features independent control of the tempo of the left and right channels to the BPM of the VST host, independent control of the note-length settings of each channel, and a filter section. The delay plugin is very intuitive to use, and it can make great sounding delay lines in no time!
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