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The Best Free VST Effects - Distortion:

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distortion vst effect camelcrusher

Distortion Plugin With Bite

CamelCrusher is a free multi-effect distortion effect by Camel Audio. The VST plugin features two different distortion sounds: a warm analogue sounding 'Tube' and a more nasty and digital sounding 'Mech'. The two distortion types can be blended together to create a wide variety of tones and textures. To shape the audio signal there is also an analogue-style low-pass filter and a simple compressor to phatten up the sound. The CamelCrusher distortion plugin has a very distinct aggressive style -great for both guitars and drums!

Delta Force:

free distortion plugin delta-force

Multi-Band Distortion Effect

The Delta Force VST plugin by Exp Digital is multi-band distortion processor with 3 independently controlled bands (Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass). On each band you can choose from thirteen different distortion types. Each has its own flavour and will affect the audio in different ways. The Delta Force VST plugin also lets you adjust both the cut-off frequencies and resonance of the individual bands filter, how much the filter will affect the audio signal, and the amount of distortion added to the individual band.


distortion vst plugin bugdrive

3-Band Distortion Plugin

BugDrive by Betabugs Audio is a 3-band distortion plugin effect featuring two frequency dividers to separate the individual bands and a distortion amount dial applied to each band. The sound colouration is smooth and deep ranging from a very subtle effect to the more gritty and hard. The BugDrive VST is especially suited for adding a big and booming distortion sound to kicks and other drums without thrashing them up completely. The GUI doesn't look bad either...
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