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The Best Free VST Effects - Exciter / Maximizer / Enhancer:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


best vst effect aradaz-maximizer

Classical loudness maximizer

The AradazMaximizer VST plugin by Arie Ardiansyah is a loudness maximizer with auto release and manual input gain control. The VST plugin features 64 bit internal processing, 44.1-192 kHz sample rate, normal or fast mode, and a VU-meter. Just stick this maximizer / harmonic exciter plugin at the very end of your effect chain of your mix and hear the difference in sound quality!


free enhancer plugin buzvintagemaxi

Phatt sounding harmonic enhancer

The BuzVintageMaxi VST by BuzzRoom is a maximizer / harmonic enhancer audio plug-in emulating vintage hardware amplifier systems. This loudness maximizer VST plug-in can be used for both mixing or mastering music adding a very warm and saturated phatt sound to the mix.

Modern Exciter:

free vst modern-exciter

Exciter with harmonic coloration

The Modern Exciter VST plugin by Antress is a high quality exciter / harmonic enhancer. The audio plugin features high and low exciter controls, an analog button, and a VU-meter. The Modern Exciter VST is capable of applying subtle harmonic coloration to the sound without squashing it!


free harmonic enhancer vst ferric

Tape dynamics / harmonic enhancer

The FerricTDS (Tape Dynamics Simulator) VST by Variety Of Sound is a harmonic enhancer plugin with some very smooth dynamic shaping capa­bilities. FerricTDS won the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, it is both simple and intuitive to use, and very light on the CPU load. The FerricTDS VST plugin is great for VA synths or guitars adding extra harmonic related content and gently shaping and enhancing the overall dynamic response of the audio signal.
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