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The Best Free VST Effects - Guitar Amp:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

Shred Suite:

Free Guitar Amp Shred Suite.

6 Free Guitar Amps and a Bonus

Shred Suite by AcmeBarGig is a freeware collection of six versatile amp heads ranging from warm, pure, and clean tones to a completely dark, metallic, and evil sound. The six heads are all very different: The Shred head is a hard rock and melat powerhouse. Enthalpos is a true poweramp. Supersound 1972 is dark and doomy. Marvel is more of an all-round amp. Quarter has a more pure, classic tone well suited for blues. Honken gives you the classic British tone.
And finally as a bonus you get Frankenamp: a DIY amp that allows you to choose any part from any of the other six heads, to recreate your own favourite amp sim and get exactly the sound you want!


Freeware VST Amp Sim LeCto.

Realistic Amp Sim VST

LeCto is a free guitar amp simulator by LePou. The VST is inspired by an American modern high gain head. It can go from crunch to high gain. The LeCto amp sim features: oversampling, mono/stereo, drive, frequency controls, presence and resonance control. LeCto is only an amp simulator, so you need to use a cabinet simulator as well. Be sure to check out LePou's LeCab2 on the same website. It's a cabinet (guitar or bass) impulse loader that can hold up to 6 different IR files at the same time.


Free Guitar Amplifier Plugin Boogex.

Pre-Filtering, Amp, and Cabinet in One

Boogex is a free guitar amplifier by Voxengo. With this VST plugin it is possible to get a heavy distorted sound as well as light overdrive sound. In the pre-filtering stage you can shape the sound of the amplifier filtering the incoming guitar signal. In the amplifier section part there are 4 different amplifier knobs (tone, drive, dynamics, phase) to choose from. Finally there is a speaker cabinet section, where you can import any speaker cabinet impulse response (IR) you wish. Boogex even comes with a selection of built-in impulses.
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