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The Best Free VST Effects - Limiter:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

W1 Limiter:

best vst effect w1-limiter

Freeware professional limiter

The W1 Limiter by BetabugsAudio and George Yohng is a emulation of the Waves L1 limiter. The GUI is pretty basic with three knobs and no display. But the sound of the W1 Limiter is absolutely fantastic. For a free VST limiter, this is as good as they get!


free plugin mlimiter

Limiter with a smooth sound

The free MLimiter VST plug-in by MeldaProduction is a very clear and smooth sounding limiter. The VST plugin features 7 different limiting modes, a very useful display for monitoring how the limiter affects the sound, and an even-harmonics adjustment fader to allow for a more tube-like or even distorted sound.


free vst limiter barricade

Brick wall limiter

Barricade by Jeroen Breebaart is a simple yet very effective brick wall limiter. The VST plugin has separate controls for gain adjustment and limiter release time. It features variable soft clipping and a VU-meter showing the amount of limiting gain. With the Barricade VST plugin it is possible to get the mix very loud without distorting it!
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