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The Best Free VST Effects - Reverb:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


reverb vst plugin freeverbtoo

Freeware reverb with an internal gate:

Top quality VST plugin from Sinus with 32-bit internal processing and an adjustable gate to make gated reverbs. It was originally released in 2004 based on the algorithm of Jeezars Freeverb plugin. But, despite its age, FreeVerbToo is still a lot better than most other free reverbs released since then. It comes with 25 presets and has a very low CPU load.


vst reverb plug-in ariesverb

Reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser...

A very versatile and great sounding VST reverb! AriesVerb offers huge natural sounding reverbs, as well as more FX-like metallic chorus, flanger, and phaser effects. If you haven't tried this vst plug-in by Christian Schüler yet, you should download it right now! AriesVerb comes with 64 presets and a low CPU consumption.


vst effect epicverb

Stereo Reverb with early reflection:

The EpicVerb reverb effect aims at simulating both tight small rooms (well suited to drums and vocals) and large epic halls (best applied to massive synth lines). The sound ranges from the hard and edgy all the way up to a smooth and transparent reverb tail. EpicVerb works as a true high quality stereo main reverb, and is designed for maximum flexibility and usability.
It features two different reverberation modes and 6 different stereo early reflection models. The free EpicVerb VST effect offers different reverb time handling for high and low frequencies as well as a musical sounding EQ section containing two equalizers and additional high- and lowpass filtering.
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