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Important notification for Mac and Linux users:

This site is focused solely on music production software for use on pc's. Some of the VST plugins and audio production software you can find here exist in non-pc versions as well, but since this is a site dedicated to pc VST plug-ins, we have decided not to use time and space to promote alternative formats.

Mac and Linux can, under certain conditions, use VST-plugins in their music production: Linux users can use the free DAW "Linux MultiMedia Studio" (find it in our free software studio / sequencer section). It supports some pc VST's running under Linux, but not all... Mac-users can use a VST to AU wrapper to convert the VST-plugins into a format that Mac's can understand:
VSTAU is by far the best free VST to AU wrapper.
Audioease and FXpansion are also worth a look. Unfortunately, however, they are not free...
If you're specifically looking for free audio-plugins for Mac or Linux, we recommend these sites: Hitsquad.com and Linux-VST.com Both have a lot of free audio production software available for download.