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The Best Free VST Instruments - Subtractive (VA) Synth:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


Free VSTi Synth FreeAlpha3

VST synth with modulation matrix

The FreeAlpha3 VSTi plugin from LinPlug is a subtractive synth offering 2 oscillators (each split into 2 halves) with 30 different waveforms. The FreeAlpha3 VST plugin features an amplitude envelope, a filter section with several filters and a filter envelope, 1 LFO, portamento, chorus, and a modulation matrix with 7 slots. Included are 64 top quality factory presets.

SuperWave P8:

Free Virtual Analog Synth P8

Pad and Lead Synth

The P8 VST synth by SuperWave is the fattest sounding freeware VST synth you can get your hands on! The P8 virtual analogue plug-in features 2 oscillators with both Single, Dual, and a 7 Oscillator detune mode. Each oscillator is assigned to an amplitude envelope and a filter section with a filter envelope. P8 offers 2 LFOs, a small modulation matrix, 2 delays, and portamento. A VST synth perfect for great leads, pads, and strings!

Minimogue Luxus:

Free VST Synth Minimogue luxus

Minimoog VST synth

The Minimogue Luxus VST plugin by Richard Brooks and the Voltkitchen Group is a software emulation of the famous Minimoog -perhaps the most popular analog monosynth of all time! The VST plugin features 3 oscillators, 1 amplitude envelope, 1 filter envelope, 1 LFO, portamento, delay, chorus, overdrive, and an Arpeggiator with a 16-note Step Sequencer.Minimogue Luxus is an improvement of the previous MinimogueVA plugin with panning per oscillator and stereo non-linear filters. The sound of the Minimogue Luxus VST synth is great and at times very close to the original Minimoog!


Free Virtual Analog Synth EVOL

Warm Virtual Analog Synth with FM

The EVOL VST plugin by Michael Kastrup (Synthtronic) is a free virtual analog synthesizer. The plugin features 3 VCO's with FM, Ring Modulation & Waveshaping, 3 ADSR envelopes, 5 LFO's, Arpeggiator, Rhythmic Gate, and an effect section with Reverb, Chorus, and Delay. The free EVOL analog synth is made with Synthedit, but the sound has a very warm and analog feel (unless of course Ring Modulation or FM is being used). The EVOL VST comes with 127 very useful presets.
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