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The Best Free VST Instruments - Bass Synth:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


Best Free Bass Synth VSTi Iblit

Great All Round Bass Synth

Iblit by Andreas Ersson is a monophonic software synthesizer perfect for making bass sounds. It features 3 oscillators (pulse and sawtooth waveforms) with pulse width modulation and a noise generator. The free Iblit VST plug-in features 2 ADSR envelopes connected to the amplitude and the filter, 2 LFO's, portamento, a 24dB/octave LP/HP filter and individual pitch bend range for each oscillator.


Virtual Instrument Bass Synth Tal-BassLine

Bass Synth with an attitude!

The free TAL-BassLine VST plugin by Togu Audio Line features 1 pulse oscillator, 1 saw oscillator, 1 sub oscillator (square/ pulse), and 1 noise oscillator. The TAL-BassLine synth has a 18dB/oct filter, 1 envelope, 1 LFO, portamento, velocity control, an arpeggiator, and unison. A very cool bass synthesizer!

Creakbox Bassline:

Free TB-303 VST Plugin Creakbox

Free TB-303 VST Emulation

The Creakbox Bassline plugin by bioroid (Bad Boys extension) is an old and almost forgotten little gem. It is, in fact, the best free Roland TB-303 VST emulation ever made! The Creakbox VST plug-in is in essence a mono synth with a built-in sequencer, that brings back the Detroit and Chicago sound of the 80's in no time. Like the original TB-303 you can't play the Creakbox Bassline like a normal synthesizer, instead you have to program a pattern in the built-in sequencer and let it run...
Bioroid stopped all plug-in development back in 2004 and released the source code for Creakbox Bassline synth. This Bad Boys extension is a vastly improved version of the original VST plugin by bioroid. It features a bank holding up to 100 different patterns, and an extension menu with several filters, overdrive, saturation, distortion, and delay.

Model Pro:

Bass Synth VST Model Pro.

Moog Prodigy Emulation

Model Pro by Elektrostudio is a freeware VST Moog Prodigy emulation, based on the original synthesizer produced between 1979 and 1984. The Moog Prodigy was an analog, entry level synthesizer, which became very popular in the mid-80's as a stable bass synth in the production of electronic dance music like techno and house. The Model Pro VST plugin is a monophonic virtual analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators (sawtooth, triangle, and pulse), 1 LFO, 24 dB/oct Filter, and an ADS-envelope to control the amplitude.
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