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The Best Free VST Instruments - Chip Synth:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

Unknown 64:

Virtual Instrument Chip Synth Unknown 64

Chip synth with 3 arpeggiators

Unknown 64 by Odo is a 1 oscillator 8-bit chip synth with 4 different waveforms: triangle, pulse, saw, and noise. The Unknown 64 VST plugin features 3 sequencers/ arpeggiators (with speeds from 1/2 to 1/128 BPM) for creating the c64-style arps and percussions, 4 envelopes (Amp, Filter cutoff, Pitch, and Pulse width), 1 LFO with 3 destinations, vibrato, and distortion. Unknown 64 comes with 60 presets.


Free VST Chip Synth SE64

Chip synth with 2 oscillators

SE64 by Oli Larkin is a free monosynth with 2 oscilators - one can be set to saw, triangle, sine or a variety of PWM waveforms. The other oscillator is a triangle wave which is ring modulated with oscillator one. The SE64 chip synth has a fast arpeggiator to recreate the SID chip sound of the Commodore 64, 4 envelopes: pitch, pulse width, amplitude, and filter cutoff, and two bit-crusher effects.


ymVST Chip Tune Synth

Atari ST emulation

ymVST by Gareth Morris aka gwEm is a free chip tune synth that emulates the YM2149 sound chip from the Atari ST. It comes with a waveform generator, 3-step arpeggiator, 10-step envelope, portamento, and different sound tuning options. There are no presets, and the interface is a bit different than your average vst-plugin. But give this wonderful little freebee a chance, and you will be making your own original chip tunes in no time.

Famisynth 2:

Famisynth NES-chip Emulation Synth

NES-chip emulation

Famisynth 2 by MU-Station is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES/Famicom) sound chip emulation. The free chip vst plugin features a sound generator (4-bit or 8-bit) with 5 waveforms + a waveshaper, an ADSR-envelpe, and a modulation generator where you can affect the wave, speed, depth and delay of the sound. The Famisynth 2 plugin can produce some very cool retro-sounds!
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