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The Best Free VST Instruments - Drum Machines:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

DSK mini DrumZ 2:

Best 808 909 VSTi Mini DrumZ 2

TR-808 & TR-909 classic drum machines

The DSK mini DrumZ 2 plugin is a free vintage drum machine rompler featuring the sounds of 20 classic drum machines. All the sounds are perfectly sampled and laid out for easy access. The VST plug-in also offers an amplitude envelope, a very versatile filter and the possibility to load external soundfont kits to beef up the sound. Get all the drum sounds from the famous TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines right here -for free!


free virtual instrument optik

Synthetic Drum Machine

The free Optik VST plug-in by Psychic Modulation is a drum machine with 2 kicks, 2 snares, 1 hihat, 1 percussion, and 1 tom. For each sound the plug-in features an on-board drum mixer controlling the volume, panning, velocity and midi-channel, and an effect section with pitch, modulation, delay, and FM / noise. The Optik VST plug-in comes with 16 brilliant synthetic drum kits.

Easy-Drum X8:

free vst plugin easy-drum-x8

Analog Drum machine

The Easy-Drum X8 freeware VST plugin by easytoolz is an analog vintage-style drum machine with 12 fully synthesized instruments each with its own designated 16-step sequencer. For each sound the plug-in features several controlling options and effects like volume, panning, pitch, decay, punch, distortion, and a filter. The Easy-Drum X8 plugin comes with 16 truly analog sounding drum kits.
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