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The Best Free VST Instruments - Drum Sampler:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:

Softdrum LTD:

best free vsti softdrum

Drum Sampler with 32-bit support

The SoftDrum LTD drum sampler by Fretted Synth loads standard wave (.wav) files in both mono and stereo format up to 32-bit at any sample rate with up to four samples can be loaded in each sample slot. The VST plugin features volume-, pan-, tune-, velocity-, attack-, and release controls for each sample slot. SoftDrum LTD comes in both a 12 and a 6 pad version.

Sam! 1.3:

Free VST Drum Sampler Sam!

24 pad Drum Sampler

The free Sam! 1.3 VST drum sampler by Sonic Assault handles 16 & 24 bit wav-files in both mono and stereo. The VST plugin can load up to 24 files at the same time and features ADSR envelope, pitch, volume, velocity, pan, start & end position, forward, reverse, and loop play mode. On top of this the Sam! 1.3 drum sampler has 8 fully assignable 12dB LP, BP, HP, and notch filters.

Tatapoum 4:

Free Drum Sampler VST Plug-in Tatapoum

Drum Sampler with Sequencer

The Tatapoum 4 VST plug-in by Venusian Snails is a combined drum sampler and pattern sequencer. It loads 16 & 24 bit wav-samples and features 10 drum pads, each with: amplitude, pan, sample playback length, normal/reverse playback direction, full/fade playback envelope, velocity, and pitch. The pattern sequencer of the Tatapoum 4 VST plugin features: 16 pads, 5 flexible effects (2 flam rolls + 2 feedback rolls + 1 reverse), saveable and loadable pattern sets (32 patterns in all), and shuffle.


Free VST Drum Sampler Grizzly

Drum Sampler Plugin with Modulation

The free Grizzly drum sampler VST plugin by Majken and Cyan is a powerful drum sampler with many of the same features as Battery or Guru. The Grizzly VST plugin features 8 drum pads with built in filters and 9 different effects like e.g. distortion, bitcrusher, flanger, and delay. You can bring life to your drum beats by modulating the individual drum pads by either an AD-envelope, an LFO, or a CPU efficient Trigger. The free Grizzly drum sampler VST also allows you to control the velocity, pich, playback position, and decay of the individual samples. Grizzly plays 8-32 bit mono and stereo wav-files and comes with 100 included wav-samples.
The Grizzly VST plugin needs its own special font to display the text in the GUI properly. If, after you've installed the plugin, the font-size is so small you can't even read it, just go to your fonts-folder and update it by pressing F5...
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