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The Best Free VST Instruments - Loop Tools / Beat Slicer:

Audio production software for mastering, mixing, and music composing:


Best Free Loop Sampler Beatburner

Free VST Loop Sampler

Beatburner by Code Audio is a free VST sampler with 10 sample slots. Unfortunately the Beatburner plugin only imports 8- and 16-bit wav-files, but since the Wavosaur audio editor can do batch conversion from mp3, and 24- and 32 bit wav-files (just open it up and press 'B'), this is not a big issue. The Beatburner plugin features 'sync to host', transpose, reverse playback, a randomize function, 5 filters, waveshaper, delay, flanger, and distortion. Everything you need to bring new life to your drum beats, loops or single hit sounds! On top of this Beatburner comes with 48 MB of free bass- and drum loops to get you started!


Free Loop Tool Beat Slicer Loopdrive4

Loop Tool / Beat Slicer

The LoopDrive4 plugin by yedey is a free VST loop / beat slicer and sampler especially made for drum loops. LoopDrive4 cuts a loop into fixed sized steps according to the selected tempo and enables the user to rearrange the sliced beats with its built-in step-sequencer. The LoopDrive4 VST plugin features an AD envelope, 1 step/matrix LFO, a filter section, bit crusher, distortion, overdrive, grain FX, a pattern manager with up to 8 different patterns, plus reverse playback of the individual sliced beats. LoopDrive4 is an truly inspirational loop tool. Just let it slice up your beats and rearrange them completely. If you make loop-based music, you definitely should give this one a try!
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