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If you are completely new to VST plugins -here is a short description of what they are, and what to do with them:

What does VST stand for?

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology

What is VST?

VST is an open and free audio plugin standard created by Steinberg in 1996, that allows any third party developer to create their own VST software plugins for free or commercial use.
VST instruments (VSTi's) generate audio signals (make sound). VST effects process audio signals (change the sound).
VST audio instruments and effects can't run independently on a computer. Instead they must be executed from within a VST host application.

How do I use VST's?

All you need is the VST host application.
Basically a VST host application is an audio software program that can execute/ run VST plugins.
There are many both commercial and free ones to choose from. If you're just looking for a simple and effective host to play your VST instruments and effects in, we recommend the VST Host by Hermann Seib. You can also visit our free software studio / sequencer section to find the best free professional Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) to produce music in.

Exactly how to install VST's differs from VST plugin to plugin, but usually it is very simple: Just unpack the (.dll) files in the right directory, and the host will find the plug-ins automatically for you.
You will, most likely, have to setup your audio- and/or MIDI connections within the VST host -especially the MIDI-setup for your controller keyboard (if you have one) can sometimes be a bit tricky. Trial and error is often the way to go...

On Best-Free-VST.com we are trying to cut through the numbers and present only the very best free VST plugins within each category. You may agree with us in our choices. Or, more likely, you may not :)

Feel free to contact us at: vst (at) best-free-vst (dot) com

Should you need more ammunition for your sonic arsenal than you can find here, we recommend: KVRAudio.com They list just about all the VST plugins known to man...
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