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The Best Free VST Effects - Glitch / FSU:

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Cyclotron X2:

free glitch plugin cyclotron-x2.

Pitchshifting Granular Effect

The Cyclotron X2 FSU / Glitch VST plugin by arcDev is a realtime pitchshifting granular sampling effect. The VST plugin is highly tweakable and features a sample hold function to capture and loop the sound in the buffer, a grainer function where the incoming audio is sampled into small "grains", a resonant multimode filter, a resampling bitcrusher, and a feedback function. To control and modulate the audio signal, the Cyclotron X2 multi-effect VST plugin offers an XY-pad, two LFOs, and an envelope follower which may be assigned to modulate any function.


fsu glitch plug-in fragmental

FSU / Glitch multi-fx plugin

The Fragmental VST plug-in by Niall Moody is an FSU / Glitch VST plugin incorporating a delay, a granulator, three different phase vocoder effects, and a reverse function. The Fragmental VST multi-effect plugin features three types of modulation (Envelope, LFO, and Knob) with the possibility to determine how much each modulation type is affecting the individual effects. On top of this the Fragmentanl plugin offers an advanced routing section to easily assign the order and magnitude of the individual effects in the signal flow.
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